Welcome to the official Brian Von Draven/Dark Elf Productions website!

Dark Elf Productions is your resource for the highest quality custom & professional ‘alternative’ graphic design for your magazine cover, stickers, album covers, website graphics, posters, flyers, business cards & all other artistic nonsense that ‘normal’ design companies do not have an eye or feel for! Let’s face it…. that ‘normal’ design company doesn’t understand nor has the dark creativity that you want to express in your marketing campaign that will set you apart from the rest of the world. That’s because what you DO in your ‘alternative’ business is different, as are the people of the subculture you are trying to reach! Let designers that understand your subculture design your visuals so you can focus on serving your clients!

This website is a combination of my artistic work, professional work & clothing design for my clothing company; The Dark Elf Clothing Company. If you are looking for my professional work, make sure to check out my GALLERIES , RESUME and my PORTFOLIO. I have created several new Facebook fan PAGES to divide my posts from the promotions I do for other artists and the work that I produce. My ‘Where To Stalk Me List‘ is a complete list of where to follow me on social media (some are still being updated). Make sure to check out my friends LINKS while you are visiting to check out some incredible people and their work. I have just launched (and deleted) several new Facebook Fanpages which have not been marketed yet, but you can read about them HERE and add them according to what nonsense you want to get updates on!


(Portions Of This Website Are Still “Under Construction” And Will Continue To “Evolve”. Some Features On This Website Require ‘Flash’ And May Not Function If Being Viewed With An iPhone Or An iPad.)


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